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Fussy Temper Comfort: Big emotional eruptions are difficult to deal with, no matter how small your child is. Bambini Furtuna Fussy Temper Comfort includes a heritage oil blend of herbs and flowers to be used in a connecting ritual to help promote an ease of emotions and encourage uplifting feelings.

“These herbs have been traditionally used to calm and relax. For children working their way out of big emotions, the key is connecting. We can let them know that it's okay to relax by giving them a trusted sensory message with the X's and O's drawn on their back. You’re saying, ‘I see you. I hear you. I love you. It’s okay now. You can relax.’” – Dr. Greene

Fussy Temper Comfort was inspired by Bambini Furtuna co-founder Agatha Relota Luczo's family. As a mother of four, entrepreneur, model, and world traveler, she sometimes needed support to encourage a calm atmosphere.


Soothing Tummy Love: Tummy trouble can bring down your little one’s mood and overall well-being. The Bambini Furtuna Soothing Tummy Love is a tool for a ritual to help parents connect with their children to let them know “it’s going to be all right”. That may be just what it takes to calm upset stomachs. Soothing Tummy Love is made with a heritage oil blend of herbs and flowers.

“There's a strong connection between the brain and the gut. Stress and intense emotions can trigger neurologic signals to the stomach, changing the motion of the intestines as well as the level of acid production. Often calming the mind and gut can help relieve tummy aches and help get the bowels back to functioning normally.” – Dr. Greene

A lot of times when kids have tummy discomfort, they need help relaxing and soothing anxiousness.


Dreamy Hush Time: After just one sleepless night, a child’s mood and overall health can decline significantly. Bambini Furtuna Dreamy Hush Time includes a heritage oil blend of herbs and flowers to be used in a great-smelling ritual to help promote peaceful, restorative sleep.

“The more I study health, the more I see that sleep is far more important than we give it credit for. It’s amazingly powerful for growth, memory, creativity, learning, preventing illnesses and injury, and healing. Many parents use antihistamines to knock their kids out. While that can help them to not be awake, it doesn’t offer all the benefits of natural sleep. A nightly ritual of sleep cues is one of my favorite solutions.” – Dr. Greene

Bambini Furtuna Dreamy Hush Time can be used in a ritual that is gentle, calming, and connecting.


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